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Monetary donations for Survivors for Change and Empowerment are received through

the Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia

Step 1: Visit the Elizabeth Fry of Mainland Nova Scotia Donations page

Step 2: Choose a one-time or monthly donation, enter the amount you wish to donate. To ensure donations are sent directly to Survivors for Change and Empowerment you MUST type our acronym, "S4C&E" in the Personal Message box.
Step 3: Fill out the remaining fields on the donation form.
Step 4: Enter your payment information. 
Step 5: Dedication information if you would like to make a donation 'In Memory Of', or 'In Honour Of' a victim of sexual assault or failures in the legal system, or 'No Dedication".
Step 6: Anonymous donations can be made by selecting the box in the Anonymity section. 
Step 7: Review your information carefully, ensuring "S4C&E" is typed in the personal message box, then click "Complete Donation Now". A tax receipt will be issued to you. 
For further assistance making a donation, or to let us know you have made a donation online so we may extend our gratitude,
please email Carrie Low at

Thank You!

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