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Survivors for Change and Empowerment

A community based resource in collaboration with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia providing services to victims and survivors of sexualized violence. 

Building advocacy, awareness, empowerment, and allyship.

To advocate for and empower victims and survivors of sexual assault.
To address the systemic failures of the justice system and to explore the root cause of gender-based violence. 
To share helpful tools for self-care and self-advocacy 
To educate and invite allyship from with
in our community. 
To provide survivors of sexual assault access to, and information regarding our support services. 


We want justice for all, not just one group or individual. 

Our approach to advocacy is influenced by an intersectional perspective and by a firm belief in restorative justice.

We believe in the healing found via community support. 

We believe in justice via accountability and education. 


Founded by Carrie Low

Survivors for Change and Empowerment (“S4C&E”) is a community-based resource in collaboration with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia provided by Carrie Low Training and Cousulting for survivors and allies that started as a peer support group, and has gradually shifted into workshops as well as providing contextualized, one on one support to survivors. S4C&E has recently acknowledged that there are very significant gaps in legal advocacy and support for survivors throughout both legal, and non-legal processes. One of the goals of S4C&E is to be able to provide survivors with consistent legal advocacy and support that are suited to their particular needs. 

Photo Credit Kylee Nunn/Ex-Freelance Photographer

S4C&E welcomes Black, Indigenous, people of colour, immigrants, international individuals, those with visible and invisible disabilities, the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and people of different gender identities

however; this space is closed to cis-gendered males.

SCE-Social-Template-Purple (3).png
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