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Survivors for Change and Empowerment

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A community based program in Nova Scotia offered by Carrie Low Training and Consulting providing services to victims and survivors of sexualized violence. 

Building advocacy, awareness, empowerment, and allyship.

A Call for Funding and Donations

Since the advent of S4C&E, there has been an abundance of community support. Members of the public and other organizations have commended Carrie's efforts, and supported her fight against police and legal institutions; however, financial funding for S4C&E has always been very limited making providing services exceedingly difficult. 


Carrie Low started S4C&E in October 2020. Since then, Carrie has heard many survivors’ pleas for implementation of legal advocacy and support, and wishes to accommodate and address this need. If provided, funding will be used to bolster Survivors for Change and Empowerment’s services so that legal advocacy can be offered. Many members of the public have been reaching out personally to Carrie indicating they support her and want to help her. Now is the time! Please provide financial funding so the significant gaps and failures impacting survivors of sexualized violence can finally begin to be addressed.

Funds can be directly donated to Survivors for Change and Empowerment by contacting our Founder, Carrie Low, at 

In addition to direct donations, you can also support our program by visiting our online shop, where all proceeds from the purchase of items  go towards our legal advocacy work.

We are incredibly grateful for your generosity and support in helping victims and survivors of sexual violence navigate the complexities of the legal system. Your donations make a significant impact in providing crucial resources, support, and services to those in need. 

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that every victim and survivor receives the assistance they deserve. 


Thank you for continued support!


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